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Role-Playing Games

Yeah, I play role-playing games. I enjoy them from both sides of the GM screen. I’m currently running two campaigns. The first is a fantasy campaign set in Stephan Michael Sechi’s exotic world of Talislanta. Follow the link to find source material, campaign notes, diverting fiction, and other Talislanta net resources. The second is my own Onyx campaign, a bronze age fantasy world of my own devising. It draws its inspiration from Babylonian myths, Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth, and Runequest, among other sources. Follow the link for campaign notes, game info, and the like.

I’m just starting up a new D&D3E campaign whose name I haven’t quite settled on yet. For now, it’s got the name Blue Moon. The inspirations for this game are the many PlayStation RPGs I’ve killed megahours playing: Lunar, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Suikoden, Wild Arms, and others. I’m also using the campaign as a test bed for the new 3E rules and the d20 open gaming license. And if that isn’t enough work, I’m trying out XHTML and cascading style sheets as well. What fun! So check it out.

A Legend In His Own Mind

I haven’t gotten around to scanning any recent photos of myself yet, so a visual depiction will have to wait. If enough visitors get vocal about it, I will provide a stopgap solution in the form of a stick figure self–portrait. I’m 0x27, a software geek, read comics, and play a mean game of Crash Bandicoot. I’m an official Cave Stud, and have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. My current goal is to read all the books I own.

Fluffy Non-Content

If you like what you find here and visit often — or at least more than once — you may find yourself wondering what’s new or what’s next. If you don’t like the site, you might be wondering where to go next. I have thoughtfully provided the answers to these and other questions...

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