Helpful Talislanta Abbrebiations

As is common with RPG material, we accumulate a lot of abbreviations for some of the most common phrases and book titles. Just so you don’t get lost trying to guess what some of those abbreviations stand for on these pages, here’s the list of abbreviations used here.

    7K     Seven Kingdoms
    ACX    The Archaen Codex
    BCR    Basic Combat Rating
    BG     Bard Games
    BMR    Basic Magic Rating
    CHR    The Chronicles of Talislanta
    CR     Combat Rating
    CT1    The Cyclopedia Talislanta
    CT7K   The Cyclopedia Talislanta II: The Seven Kingdoms
    CTDK   The Cyclopedia Talislanta VI: The Desert Kingdoms
    CTEL   The Cyclopedia Talislanta IV: The Eastern Lands
    CTWL   The Cyclopedia Talislanta III: The Western Lands
    CTWZ   The Cyclopedia Talislanta V: The Wilderlands of Zaran
    GB     The Talislanta Guidebook
    GEO    Talislanta Geographica
    HB1    The Talislantan Handbook
    HB2    Talislanta Handbook and Campaign Guide
    HP     Hit Points
    LVL    Level
    MR     Magic Rating
    MUS    Music from Talislanta
    MUS2   Music from Talislanta II
    NAT    A Naturalist’s Guide to Talislanta
    PDBB   P.D. Breeding-Black
    QUA    Quantrigue
    SAR    Sarista
    SMR    Sub-Men Rising
    SMS    Stephan Michael Sechi
    SOB    The Scent of the Beast
    SOR    Talislanta Sorcerer’s Guide
    THY    Thystram’s Collectanea
    TOT    Tales of Talislanta
    WB     Talislanta World Book
    WotC   Wizards of the Coast
    XP     Experience Points

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