Talislanta Apocrypha

In addition to all the fine source books that have been published for Talislanta, there are also books which, for various reasons, never made it to the shelves. If you are really up on you Talislanta trivia, listened to all the right rumors, read all the advertisements, or lurked on the mailing list, you might have heard of these.

Hopefully you haven’t been out scouring the stores looking for these books. They don’t exist. But you can at least read about what might have been...

Adventures in Talislanta
It’s mentioned in the Talislantan Handbook on page 80 as a series of scenario books for Talislanta. Scrapped.

Talislanta Miniatures
A company named Goldring Miniatures tried licensing a line of Talislanta miniatures and had made some prototype figures. Alas, they folded before making any further headway.

Bard Games #2401
The Cyclopedia Talislanta series have product numbers 2400, 2402-2406. Where’s 2401? There isn’t one. CT1 was intended to be a stand–alone product. When they decided to make it a series, they changed the numbering scheme so that Cyclopedia Talislanta volume X would have product number 240X. So, there is no 2401.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta VII: The Northern Lands
This book is mentioned in advertising blurbs, and was ready to go to the printers when Bard Games went out of business. Ah well.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta VIII: The Central Lands
Never written, never even started, yet it still manages to be listed in some role playing game price guides with a publishing date and a price. Perhaps it’s simply a bleed–over from the universe next door....

GURPS Talislanta
A WotC idea to increase sales. The book made it as far as final draft, but was dropped when WotC dropped the Talislanta line.

Dark Moon Rising
Not Bad Moon Rising, as previously posted here. A cleaned up version of the third edition guidebook. This was to be the “4th Edition” Talislanta. The world timeline is set after the Sub–Men uprising. Scrapped.

Lyceum Arcanum
An updated version of the Archaen Codex. Scrapped. Apparently, some of the artwork from the book, “Students Rioting at the Lyceum Arcanum”, made it into an interview with Quinton Hoover in Duelist magazine.

Midnight Realms
A stand–alone RPG proposed by Robin Laws and set in the world of Talislanta. It used cards for spells. It apparently dealt with the neverending wars between Tarterans and demons. The manuscript was completed just before WotC decided to drop the Talislanta license.

Talislanta Omnibus
A greatly expanded version of the Worldbook by Anthony Pryor that was going to be over 600 pages long. It was about 2/3 done before it got scrapped by WotC.

Rune: Wizard Hunter
A graphic novel written by SMS and illustrated by Ron Spencer. The script was finished and along with a few pages, but the comics company that was to have published it folded. About the same time, another (larger) company put out a comic called Rune and trademarked the name. Splat.

Rune T–Shirts
Wizards of the Coast made a few T–shirts with the Rune character (from the aforementioned graphic novel). So rare, not even SMS has one.

Talislanta 10th Anniversary Edition
Just before Shooting Iron took over the Talislanta license, Pharos Press had almost finished printing the 10th Anniversary Edition book. It had gotten so far as to make ashcans (test prints) and a few of these made it into the hands of rabid fans. You can tell the difference between a Pharos Press ashcan printing and a Shooting Iron regular printing by the publisher’s name and by the size (5x8 vs 8½x11).

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