Talislanta Source Material

First Edition Material

Chronicles of Talislanta Talislantan Handbook Naturalist’s Guide Sorceror’s Guide

The Chronicles of Talislanta — Bard Games, 1987 — ISBN 0-9610770-4-2
The first of the Talislanta books, it describes the regions and inhabitants of the Talislantan continent, as seen through the eyes of the mage from another world, Tamerlin. It is quite unusual for a role–playing book in that it is entirely system–free!

The Talislantan Handbook — Bard Games, 1987 — ISBN 0-9-9610770-9-3
This is the first edition rule book for GM and player. It contains spell lists, skill lists, basic Talislanta info, and over 80 character templates.

A Naturalist’s Guide to Talislanta — Bard Games, 1987 — ISBN 0-9610770-3-4
Flora, fauna, and folk of Talislanta. It gives descriptions in Tamerlin’s own words as well as in game system terms.

Talislanta Sorcerer’s Guide — Bard Games, 1988 — ISBN 0-9610770-8-5
Contains all sorts of stuff! Bits on the Lyceum Arcanum, a list of rare spells and tomes penned by the ancient masters, more enchanted items, descriptions of extra–dimensional entities, new magical character types, and a short story by SMS.

Second Edition Material

Cyclopedia Talislanta Talislanta Handbook II CT II L & L

The Cyclopedia Talislanta — Bard Games, 1988 — ISBN 0-945849-00-1
Has a full color map of Talislanta with entries for many points of interest. It’s also got a naturalist’s guide to many creatures and plants, new character types, and cool pictures of vehicles. I’ve classified it here as a second edition work with all the other cyclopedias even though it does predate the second edition Talislanta Handbook.

Talislanta Handbook and Campaign Guide — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-945849-02-8
This is the second edition rule book. It combines the original Talislantan Handbook with material from the Sorcerer’s Guide and the Cyclopedia Talislanta. It has the mass combat rules which have never been reprinted in any other Talislanta reference book.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta II: The Seven Kingdoms — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-945849-03-6
An in–depth look at the Seven Kingdoms, the nation at the very heart of Talislanta. The most detailed cultural and political details about the Seven Kingdoms to be found anywhere. Contains three adventures.

Talislanta Miniatures — Lance & Laser, 1989
A line of miniatures for the die–hard Talislanta player. There were at least a Cymrilian Magician and a Thrall Warrior. You can find ads for them in the back of some of the Cyclopedias.


The Cyclopedia Talislanta III: The Wilderlands of Zaran — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-945849-04-4
An in–depth look at the wilderness areas sandwiched between the Seven Kingdoms and the Quan Empire. Detailed cultural and political information about the sub–men tribes and the independent city–states. Contains one adventure.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta IV: The Western Lands — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-945849-05-2
An in–depth look at the lands to the west of the Seven Kingdoms. Cultural and political information about the Aaman, Zandu, and the other western countries. Contains two adventures.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta V: The Eastern Lands — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-945849-06-0
An in–depth look at the Quan Empire, the Jungles of Chana, and the people of the Opal Mountains. Contains two adventures.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta VI: The Desert Kingdoms — Bard Games, 1989 — ISBN 0-045849-07-9
An in–depth look at Dracarta, Rajanistan, and their outlying lands. Contains three adventures.

Third Edition Material

Talislanta Worldbook Talislanta Guidebook Tales of Talislanta Archaen Codex

Talislanta Worldbook — Bard Games, 1990 — ISBN 0-945849-21-4
Another atlas and travelogue of Talislanta. Reprints much of the information found in the Chronicles of Talislanta. It also has some maps of the other lost continents on the world of Archaeus. I’ve classified it here as a third edition work, even though it has a lot of second edition references in it as well.

The Talislanta Guidebook — Wizards of the Coast, 1992 — ISBN 1-880992-01-9
The third edition rulebook. The world timeline was advanced from 610 to 620. A number of the archetypes were tweaked. The magic system got a major overhaul.

Tales of Talislanta — Wizards of the Coast, 1992 — ISBN 1-880992-02-7
Nine short stories all taking place in and around Talislanta. There are stories by Lawrence Watt–Evans, Ru Emerson, SMS, and others. The first story is about Tamerlin, the wizard–narrator of the Chronicles of Talislanta.

The Archaen Codex — Wizards of the Coast, 1992 — ISBN 1-880992-06-X
An updating of the Sorcerer’s Guide to the new third edition magic system. It contains the game–world reasoning behind the magic system change. It describes the art of Sorcery and other lost magical esoterica. It also has a helpful history of the First, Second and Third Ages.

Scent of the Beast Talislanta Geographica Thystram’s Collectanea Quantrigue

The Scent of the Beast — Wizards of the Coast, 1992 — ISBN 1-880992-04-3
The adventure module that kicks off the sub–men uprising campaign. The characters trace the Sindar connection to find out who is selling weapons and armor to the sub–men.

Talislanta Geographica — Wizards of the Coast, 1992 — ISBN 1-880992-05-1
The poster–sized, full color map of Talislanta. The referee screen with small Talislanta map on one side and rules and charts on the other. A small booklet with language maps, weather maps, conflict maps, and four mini adventures. You can’t get a better deal than this.

Thystram’s Collectanea — Wizards of the Coast, 1993 — ISBN 1-880992-07-8
An updated version of the Naturalist’s Guide with all new art.

Quantrigue — Wizards of the Coast, 1993 — ISBN 1-880992-11-6
The adventure module that lets the characters explore the Quan Empire. Get involved in the intrigue!

Sarista Music From Talislanta Sub–Men Rising

Sarista — Wizards of the Coast, 1994 — ISBN 1-880992-15-9
A combination sourcebook for the Sarista and adventure module. A very detailed treatment of the Sarista, their culture, and their dealings with other peoples. There’s also a fairly involved adventure involving Sarista, Tanasian rebels, and lost arcana.

Music From Talislanta — Stephan Michael Sechi, 1994
Cool music from all over the continent of Talislanta: Kang marches, Sarista reels, Aamanian chants and more! A must have!

Sub–Men Rising — Wizards of the Coast, 1994 — ISBN 1-880992-51-5
A combination sourcebook for all the sub–men races and an adventure module. The way the book covers the culture, politics, and interaction of all the sub–men is pretty amazing. This book is considered by many to be the best Talislanta reference of all. Oh yeah, and you also get the amazing conclusion to the Sub–Men uprising storyline too.

Fourth Edition Material

Music From Talislanta II Wizard Hunter CD Talislanta 4th Ed

Music From Talislanta II — Stephan Michael Sechi, 1997
The second collection of Talislantan music, back by popular demand. This time it’s on CD. Cymrilian windsailor chanties, Manra ritual music and more.

Talislanta: Wizard Hunter — Stephan Michael Sechi, 1998
The third Talislanta CD. This one is more of a mood piece, it almost sounds like a sound track in various places. I’d guess that it’s music related to the apocryphal Wizard Hunter storyline. Good stuff.

Talislanta Fourth Edition — Shootingiron Design, 2001 — ISBN 0-9672097-0-6
It’s the long-awaited fourth edition of Talislanta. It’s so new I haven't even had the chance to read it yet.

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