101 Ideas For Talislantan Collectibles

So there you are. The PCs are visiting Sindar, perhaps on account of Scent of the Beast, perhaps not. Hangin’ out with a bevy of them wacky dual–encephelons.

“So, I hear you’re a collector. What do you collect?” asks a PC to a conveniently nearby Sindaran. You think for a second. “Coins,” he replies.

The PC turns to a second Sindaran and repeats the question. A frisson of uneasiness begins to gnaw on your liver. You think for a few more seconds. “Antique swords?” replies this second Sindaran.

“I ask the other twenty Sindarans in the room what they collect,” exclaims the player triumphantly. You panic, secretly wondering if you can solve the dilemma in the usual way, hoping none of the players notice the eerie correlation between the frequent appearance of the Witch Wind and their putting the GM on the spot....

Well, your worrying days are over, my friends! Having way too much time on my hands, a superfluity of verbiage, and only 25% of the cranial matter of your average dual–encephalon, I have taken it upon myself to create, at no small risk to myself, a list of over 100 collection ideas that you, the gentle reader, might use as a handy reference guide when being pressed to quickly flesh out your Sindaran NPCs, at no cost to yourselves, save for the almost unnoticeable investment of a few seconds of your time as you fire up the web browser of your choice, point it to this page, and peruse the following sometimes–amusing and perhaps useful list of collection ideas.

In addition, clever readers will conceive of far more useful things to collect than are listed below. Revel in the sensation that, with only a few moments thought, you have come up with better ideas that I didn’t. Feel free to rub my nose in it. Then click here to see all the better ideas that other websurfers thought of before either of us did.

The Minotaur’s Collection Ideas

1. Phaedran Cult War Paraphernalia
2. Counterfeit Artworks
3. Tattoos
4. Witchcraft Lore
5. Mascots
6. Model Windships
7. Incense Burners and Thuribles
8. Mushroom Recipes
9. Zandiran Hats
10. Whipsashes By Tribe and Family
11. Yrmanian R’Ruhs
12. Rasmirin Political Tracts
13. Phantasian Timepieces
14. Avir Motifs in Clothing
15. Commemorative Trivarian Pieces
16. Exomorph Statuary
17. Skulls of the Sentients
18. Orgovian Yatmas
19. Historical Helmets
20. Alchemical Log Books
21. Windchimes
22. Far Isles Bestiary
23. Cannibal Lore
24. Mummified Remains of Extinct Creatures
25. Provocative Attire
26. Board Games
27. Genetic Sports
28. Mundane Letters and Correspondences of Arkon
29. Astaran Telempathic Performances
30. Polished Rocks From Around The World
31. Capes through the Ages
32. Addictive Substances
33. Nonvisual Documents
34. Decorative Baskets
35. Green Gems and Crystals
36. Drakken Glyphstones
37. Snipe Art
38. Ritual and Formal Footware
39. Candles and Candelabra
40. Execution Souvenirs
41. Lore of the Green World
42. Gao–Din Pirate Biographies
43. Sun–Ra Dragon Spears
44. Cheese Lore
45. Ur Mining Equipment
46. Holy Works From Defunct Cults
47. Tamar
48. Numenian Architecture
49. Crystalmoths
50. Secret Society Membership Rings
51. Used Zodar Decks
52. Necrophage Parts
53. Musical Instruments
54. Lotuses of Every Color
55. Defunct Automata
56. Tents
57. Things Made From the Zaratan
58. Chana Shrunken Cephela
59. Slave Owning Equipment
60. Aamanian Morality Puppets
61. Perfumes and Other Aromatics
62. Tombstones
63. Thaumaturgical Mishaps
64. Green Glass Figurines
65. Jewelry Made With Animal Teeth
66. Bedtime Stories
67. Legal Systems
68. Archaen Erotica
69. Artistic Works of Rodinn
70. Potion Containers
71. Exotic Leaf Pressings
72. Lost Sea Artifacts
73. Scabbards of Famous Warriors
74. Torture Apparatus
75. Culinary Enchanted Items
76. Pets of the Forgotten Ages
77. Lock Technology of the Quan Empire
78. Feathers
79. Intoxicating Beverages
80. Talking Animals
81. Seashells
82. Castabulanese Tide Tables
83. Marukan Jewelry
84. Dragon Scales
85. Blown–Glass Objects
86. Books About Whisps
87. Ikon Statues
88. Symbolic and Ornamental Weaponry
89. Mazes
90. Body Piercings
91. Disenchanted Magic Items
92. Forged Treasure Maps
93. Moon and Star Tables
94. Documents of the Underground Highway
95. Artifacts of Aberrant Weather
96. Stories About Simbar
97. Sand From Around the World
98. Political Posters
99. Scrimshaw
100. Bad Poetry
101. Oceanian Folk Songs

Better Collection Ideas

Alert surfer John Steele submitted these ideas practically before the pixels were dry on this page: Geneologies, Flawed Spells, Phantasms, Yaksha Teeth, Storm Demon Horns, Shadow Wight’s Hair, Whisper Weeds, Nighthawks, Rajan Scorpions, Black Savant Helms, and Poems Written By Crested Dragons.

No listing would be complete without the input of John Harper: Seduction Techniques, Last Words, Profanity Not Related To Bodily Functions, Stone Instruments, Hairstyles Of Phaedran Children, Facial Expressions, Superstitions Concerning Coinage, Lists, Scrolls In Green Ink, Suicide Notes, Pain Sounds, Reasons To Start A War, Nonverbal Greetings, Carnivores Larger Than Man, Bathwater From Many Lands, Unsolvable Equations, Pointless Stories, Pre–Archaen Names, Lint, and last, but not least, The Bodies Of A Particular Family (including ancestors, living members, and all their descendants).

Here’s a few ideas from Edd Stockdale: Djaffa Face Masks, Snipe Shells, Bane Fangs, Arim Throwing Knives, Ancient and Modern Law Tomes, and Windskiffs. Edd suggests that collecting windskiffs is perhaps best left to those with an oversufficiency of lumens, a condition which few of us, alas, are afflicted.

From Indigo Shift we get the singularly unusual collectible of Undergarments of Past Concubines of the Sultan of Zandu.

Balloran came up with the following ideas: Manra Morph Residues, Used Dream Essence, Ontra Mucus, Chana Testicle Rings, Blood-Curdling Screams and Lucky Talismans of Failed Conquerors. In his second batch he added: Experimental Yassan Devices, Honored Kang Peace Treaties, Sweat taken from Berserk Ahazu, Unscented Hadjinn Fans, Generous Kasmirin, Famous Quan conquerors memoirs, and Mumified Brains of Tazian Generals. In his third batch he hastened to add Beastman Boot Insoles. Now there’s an appetizing thought!

Khyraen submitted: Batrean Wedding Vows and Quan Diet Techniques. I suspect that the collector of the latter is going to have a hard time of it.

Kitten roars in with this interesting list of collectibles: Artificial Limbs, Non–Viable Sorcerous Hybrids, Dice Made From Humanoid Bones, Unidentifiable Runes and Symbols, Smoke–Pipes, Skeletons of People Killed by Iron Shrikes, Academic Texts Graffitied by Prominent Magicians During Their Apprenticeships, Thaecian Orbs That Depict Ocean–Going Ships, Rajan Clawed Gauntlets, Sub–Elementals, Hurlants, Old–Fashioned Levitational Systems, Green Crystal Cymrilian Artifacts Acquired Outside of Cymril, Broken Duelling Swords, Gnomekin Eyeware, Adamant Kitchen Utensils, Primitive Piercing Jewelry, Winning Festival of the Bizarre Costumes, Portraits of Muses, Tazian Mugs, Trapped Jewelry Boxes, Crescent Knives, Luck Charms, Aamanian Clerical Garb, Zorian Hooks, Chainmail Gauntlets, Mis–Transcriptions of “Theory of Magic and Anti–Magic”, Cursed Artifacts, and Bodorian Hearing Aids. In addition, in our first recursive entry, is Other Sindaran Collections. Meow!

James Baldwin must be credited with his idea of Aamanian Knock-Knock Jokes. Bonus points for acquiring funny ones, eh?

Alert websurfer Michael Eidlin sends in the ideas of Tazanian tatoo art, Wind Ship Levitationals, and Parthenian parts. Cool!

Anyone else?

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