Talislanta Editions

Over its 10+ years of history, Talislanta has been published in 3 editions and is imminently about to appear in its fourth. So given that you want to run a Talislanta campaign, how do you know which books to buy?

The Standard References

Rules Magic Atlas Creatures Modules
First Edition Talislantan Handbook Sorcerer’s Guide Chronicles of Talislanta Naturalist’s Guide
Second Edition Talislanta Handbook
and Campaign Guide
Sorcerer’s Guide Cyclopedia Talislanta: I–VI
Third Edition Talislanta Guidebook Archaen Codex Talislanta Worldbook,
Talislanta Geographica
Thystram’s Collectanea Scent of the Beast,
Sub–Men Rising

What's the difference between the various versions? Little changed between first and second editions: the second edition mainly reorganized the old material and added quite a bit more. From second to third edition, the world timeline advanced 20 years, a number of races and places went through name changes, and the magic system was greatly overhauled. Second edition had a fairly simple magic system with only 13 basic spells; third edition went to a spell college system with almost 200 basic spells.

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