Talislanta is a roleplaying game created by Stephan Michael Sechi in 1987. Originally produced by Bard Games, it moved to Wizards of the Coast in 1992, moved to Daedalus Games in 1994, thence to Plaid Rabbit in 1996. In 1997 it moved sideways to Plaid Rabbit's corporate sibling, Pharos Press. In 1999 it hopped to Shooting Iron, where it remains to this day. Got all that?

One of the things that has earned the game its devoted fan following is its inspiration by the works of science fiction and fantasy author Jack Vance. The first (and second, and third) editions of the game are dedicated to him. The lyrical whimsy so often found in Vance's works can also be found here in the descriptions of the lands and peoples of Talislanta.

The art of Talislanta is also striking. The exquisite illustrations by P.D. Breeding-Black are, in large part, responsible for the airy feel of the book.

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All artwork and quoted text is used here without permission. It is also © Stephan Michael Sechi, P.D. Breeding-Black, Bard Games, Lance & Laser, Wizards of the Coast, Daedalus Games, Plaid Rabbit, Pharos Press, Shooting Iron, and possibly others too.

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