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Welcome to the home page for the Malderon’s Mirrors web ring, dedicated to serving the web–surfing public a healthy dose of online Talislanta material. The sites on this ring contain house rules, artwork, campaign writeups, adventure ideas, and fiction, all related to Stephan Michael Sechi’s quixotic world of Talislanta. So, if cool gaming material is what you’re looking for, surf on!

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Enter the Dream Dimension...

If you have a web site with Talislanta material and are interested in sharing it with the trillions of rabid Talislanta fans, we’d be pleased to add your site to the web ring so that said fans can more easily find your stuff. Just follow the instructions listed below and we’ll get your site added to the web ring as soon as possible.

All we ask is (1) that your site have Talislanta–related material (after all, that’s what this web ring is for), and (2) that you put the web ring navigation aid on the page you register with us (it wouldn’t be much of a ring if fans couldn’t get to the next site after yours).

So if this sounds like what you’re looking for, follow the instructions below and soon you’ll be a Malderon’s Mirrors web ring member!


1. Create web pages with some Talislanta–related material. Get those pages all nice and snazzy–looking because you’re going to have visitors.

2. Click here to fill out a form with all the information about your site.

3. After you’ve submitted your request, a page will appear confirming your request. It will also have some HTML code that you will need to add to the page you registered with us. This code represents the web ring navigation aid (like at the top of this page) which web surfers will use for traversing the web ring. You will also get some email with the same information on it, which you can save for reference.

4. As soon as we can, we will process your request and your site will be added to the web ring. You will get another email from us when you officially get added to the web ring. If you don’t get added within a few days, send us some email.

5. You’re done! Bask in knowledge that trillions of fans will now be visiting your site in rapt wonder.

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