Where To Get Talislanta

Looking For Books

Talislanta books can sometimes be hard to get. The first and second edition books have been out of print for a number of years, and even then they were never that widely distributed. For all those folks who have wanted to complete their Talislanta collection, here’s some (possibly) helpful advice for doing so.

Note: I am not affiliated with any places mentioned below. These are just places I know of that you can get Talislanta products.

The first thing to do is to check your local gaming stores to see if they have any copies of the books or can order them for you. Check them first because the more customers who ask for them, the more likely the stores are to buy Talislanta books and put them on the shelves for other customers. The popularity of Talislanta soars, eventually displacing Magic and AD&D as the most popular game! All this, just from checking your local game stores first!

Assuming you’ve already done that (and failed to locate anything) your next stop is to try net–based resources. Here are a few web–friendly spots you can try that frequently have Talislanta books for sale.

There might well be other online gaming stores that have Talislanta stuff, but it’s been quite a while since I looked. You’re on your own here, but if you find a store that does, and you were a sufficiently satisfied customer, drop me a line and I’ll add them to my list of Talislanta web sources.

I’ve also got a few places you can try in real life, if your real body happens to be reasonably close to Portland, Oregon.

As a helpful reminder, the Source Books page has the ISBN numbers of all the Talislanta books. You may find these numbers useful when placing your order or while doing searching. Be warned though that a few of the ISBN numbers (in particular the ones for the Talislantan Handbook and the Archaen Codex) seem a little suspicious, even though those are the numbers printed on the books.

Looking For Miniatures

As of June 9, 1998, the company that made the Talislanta miniatures, Lance & Laser, still had some in stock. Write to them for a catalog of what they’ve got in stock and what the prices are. You can write to them at:

    Lance & Laser Models, Inc.
    PO Box 14491
    Columbus, OH	43214

Thanks to Monk for tracking this info down!

Looking For Music

What a deal! The new publishers, Shootingiron, are now rereleasing all three Talislanta music offerings. Even better, the first album is being rereleased on CD instead of on tape, for your listening pleasure. You should visit their website for cost and ordering details.

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